Hey there!

I'm Mathieu

With a professional journalist father, I was practically born and raised into photography.

I took my first pictures with one of his old film cameras when I was 6. Those first pictures were portraits, and I have been fascinated by the diversity of the people on this planet ever since.

An avid camera collector and film photography enthusiast, I currently own a Nikon FM2, and a FE, a Rollei35 and my all-time favourite, the infamous Rolleiflex.

The camera I currently work with is a Fujifilm X-T4. It's the closest thing to a film camera... but it's digital!


How do I work?

All sessions are $150/hour.

If you have special projects, contact me and I'll be happy to hear about them.


"My experience collaborating with Matthew for photography was nothing short of outstanding. Matthew brings a refreshing level of creativity to every shoot, capturing moments with a distinctive flair that truly distinguishes his work.
His professionalism is unwavering, making the entire process enjoyable and stress-free. One notable aspect of Mathieu's talent is his versatility, seamlessly transitioning from studio sessions to dynamic outdoor events, sports coverage, personal portraits, and even parades."

Ian | Jan. 2024

"I highly recommend Mathieu as a photographer. His professionalism and kindness made all the difference. The aesthetics of his photos are just remarkable. But more than that, his extremely professional demeanor pushed me to do 3 photo shoots with him. He knows how to put you at ease and guide you when you need it. He didn't hesitate to suggest different poses until I was ready to accept them. We've been working together for almost a year now, and I wouldn't change a thing."
Yasmina | Dec. 2023

"MMathieu is an exceptional photographer. Theatre photography is often static, bland, stiff and dusty. Rarely have I come across a photographer who can capture the dynamic, active, and electrical energy of theatre as much as Mathieu. Whether it's his portraits, headshots, or production photos, Mathieu's work always impresses me. He puts his subject at ease, he's patient, professional, creative, attentive, and he's flexible when it comes to the needs of each photoshoot. A joy to work with! I highly recommend him!"
Vincent | Nov. 2023

"Exceptional service, I highly recommend super fun and professional really commit with his service and knows how to catch the best of you! I felt really comfortable all the time, Matt is patient and provides all the support to get the best shoot. I am extremely happy with the results, can’t recommend more. Thank you for making this moment memorable"
Arthur | Oct. 2023

"It was a pleasure working with Mathieu. He remained very calm and professional throughout the entire experience and made me feel so comfortable. It was a fun experience and his attention to small details (lighting, angles, etc) was admirable!  It was my first time having professional photos taken and I would strongly recommend Mathieu to friends and family (or anyone looking to getting some great professional photos taken!)"
Leanna | Sept. 2022